We are a safety consulting company specializing in several industry sectors.


G.E.W., LLC has provided project managers to implement and manage site specific EHS programs. In addition to conducting field audits, we are able to conduct various types of training to both supervisors as well as craft specific. This includes both onsite fulltime as well as part-time safety professionals.

With over 145 years of experience between partners in the field of safety, G.E.W., LLC knows what it takes to execute a project. We will add value to the project and design a safe and successful project. Throughout the project we will bring our personal experience along with industry-best practices all while keeping OSHA and other regulations in mind.

Whether you need a safety manager to run the safety on a large industrial project over the span of a couple years or a safety professional to oversee a small project for a week or two, we have the staff to satisfy your needs. G.E.W., LLC offers hourly and monthly contracts.

While working alongside our clients, we have developed and reviewed written programs, provided important training courses, provided consultation, assisted with crisis management, and citation abatement.


G.E.W., LLC provides a wide range of safety training courses to keep employees safe and in compliance. The variety of classes we offer ranges from fall protection training to Supervisor Training in Accident Reduction Techniques (START).
G.E.W., LLC provides numerous safety training courses that can be custom-tailored to your organization. By choosing to have a G.E.W., LLC employee provide training to your employees, they will become more aware of the hazards related to their job-specific tasks they may encounter in the workplace. Below is a list of some of the training courses we provide:

• OSHA 10/30
• Supervisor Training in Accident Reduction Techniques (START)
• Trenching and excavation training
• Confined space training
• Fall protection training
• Respiratory protection training and program management
• Traffic control training
• Forklift training


The success of many safety programs is knowing where the claims may come from and working with all involved to prevent these losses. However, when needed, we are experienced in working with adjusters in managing return to work programs and work closely with insurers, brokers, the employer and the injured individual to reduce the impact of the claim/injured to the lowest possible denominator. G.E.W., LLC can help clients to provide comprehensive remain at work or return to work planning whenever an employee encounters a physical or psychological change. This may include:

• Development of a plan of recovery and rehabilitation based on the employee’s functional abilities
• Coordination and/or application of medical treatment diagnostics
• Working alongside care providers
• Rehabilitation potential analysis
• Quick and effective communication with insurers and Workers’ Compensation providers.

By approaching Workers’ Compensation Claims with a managed approach, employees will be able to return to work in a timelier manner and will have a better opportunity to utilize their lost time.


G.E.W. LLC provides expert witnessing and expert consulting services, specializing in construction-related accident & injury cases. Our Experts experience and professional certifications include: Certified Safety Professionals; Certified Industrial Hygienist; Construction Health Safety Technicians; and experienced industry experts with specialties in all aspects of commercial, industrial and residential construction. Our experts have decades of construction safety experience with insurance backgrounds (see “Our Team” section of our web site). We have established a track record of favorable outcomes and a list of repeat clients.



G.E.W. LLC partners have been involved in OSHA investigations, as well as construction related catastrophes. It is our goal never to have to supply these services to our customers; however our customers are assured if needed, we have “been in the heat of fire”.


G.E.W. LLC works closely with clients to provide Safety Professionals that blend well with the client and project. We listen to the client’s needs, the demands of the project and search for a fantastic match for the project to be successful. G.E.W. LLC will review resumes for the best person for a particular project. This service saves the client time that is better spent managing the forward flow of the project. We provide several different ways to place consultants direct hire, contract for full or part time. When we place consultants, they have the support and knowledge of the whole G.E.W. LLC team at their hands. Professional consultants are placed at fair market prices. We ensure you will be satisfied with our placement.


An experienced industrial safety consultant can save a mill time and money while maintaining a safe and healthful work environment for Mill and Contractors.

G.E.W. LLC has provided safety management for all phases of Mill Shut Downs and Turn Arounds. We have assisted Mills with contract verbiage, contractor orientation and oversight. We have provided on site project safety professionals as well as hole watch and fire watch staffing and management. The experience G.E.W. LLC has in pre-planning and managing hole and fire watches will save the mill “extras” from Contractors as well as provide the contractor experienced, trained and equipment hole/fire watches.

There is nothing more costly than having an entire crew standing around waiting for a hole/fire watch; or multiple watches over a single hole entry. We can provide contractor safety management as well as staff augmentation to the contractors existing staff. Power generation, new construction and shutdowns have been accomplished by G.E.W., LLC. Our experience includes absorbers, heat recovery steam generators, etc. Locations have been from the West coast to the East coast of the USA. Paper mills have been a big part of G.E.W., LLC’s member experience. From erection of new processes to the replacement of existing processes, work has included safety work on recovery boilers, digesters, power boilers, precipitators, lime kilns, caustic tanks and various maintenance. GEW, LLC has also performed lock box auditing for paper mill owners during shutdown operations.



Providing a broad spectrum of health, safety, and environmental compliance support including:

Chemical Emergency Response
Occupational Noise & Hearing Loss
Respiratory Protection
Personal Protective Equipment
ISO 14001 Implementation
Chemical Process Safety

We are well versed in Indoor Air Quality Investigation and Remediation investigations assessing many varied facilities for indoor air quality and microbial contamination, developing sampling and remediation plans, and conducting quantitative evaluations of interior air quality to conform to local and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards. We identify potential hidden fungal growth sites and recommended corrective actions for contaminated areas.

We provide safety and health reviews for architectural and engineering projects during the design, start-up, and decommissioning of manufacturing equipment. We also provide investigation, assessment, and evaluation of chemical illness and/or injury accidents, hazardous material transportation and control, unknown spill and odor identification and containment, and minimizing exposures through engineering, administrative, and personal protective equipment controls.


G.E.W. LLC’s logging safety experts assist our clients in a wide range of safety services including: development of company specific safety plans and programs; on site trainings; onsite safety audits; incident investigation; and responding to request from regulatory agencies as well as land owners.

G.E.W. LLC has developed and presented the first FED-OSHA allowed “Logging OSHA 10 Hour” training program.

We currently are contracted with the State of Washington, Department of Labor & Industries to conduct independent audits of contract logging operations as part of the Washington State Logger Safety Initiative. The goal for this initiative is to partnership with private land owners, Washington Contract Loggers Association, Logging Company’s, The Washington Department of Natural Resources and the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries to focus on ways to promote occupational safety, reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries and fatalities.

We also have contracts with large regional private timber company to perform logging safety tower audits.


G.E.W. LLC has assisted pipeline contractors with the construction of new pump stations as well as the installation of new pipelines. During these projects, G.E.W. LLC employees manage the safety out in rural locations, including environmentally sensitive locations such as wetlands. The environment is a large focus in our pipeline division since oil has the potential to harm the natural environment we work in. In these rural locations, safety is of the utmost importance with medical help far away. Recently, G.E.W. LLC finished the construction of (six) pump stations in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area of the United States. During this project there were no recordable injuries under our supervision. G.E.W. LLC works very closely with our clients to better understand the work to be performed and helping to develop a positive safety culture on the project.



Our consulting support is centered on getting any size company up and approved with a quick turn around, and comes with a money back guarantee.  G.E.W., LLC will provide custom documents on your company letterhead.  After your company is approved we will work to keep your ISNetworld, PICS, Browz, and ConstructSecure account up to date so you don’t lose business.   With over 145 years of experience between partners in the field of safety, G.E.W. LLC knows what it takes to get your company approved and maintain your accounts.


Working with our strategic partners, G.E.W., LLC provides full time marine rescue and land based medical services on large industrial export projects in addition to serving as the owners’ safety representative. Our marine division is led by an experienced division manager who has executed numerous export projects and knows what is involved in protecting the owner who is accepting sophisticated and critical construction risks while employing thousands of contracted employees.


With 20+ years specializing in providing solutions in safety for the staffing industry, G.E.W., LLC understands the uniqueness and value of the co-employer relationship. We’re able to bring an added value to your company by providing your staff and clients with the knowledge, training and tools to assist them in managing the challenges of the every changing regulatory requirements that govern the staffing industry.